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These three Industries has been hit hard by COVID-19

Covid-19 has now become a worldwide pandemic. Starting from Wuhan China it gets spread all over the world, this is why many diplomats called it the Wuhan virus and the Chinese virus. Covid-19 is caused by a recently discovered virus named coronavirus and the virus has no prescribed treatment.

These three Industries has  been hit hard by COVID-19
Thermal test to detect COVID-19 symptoms (Credit-Unsplash)

This virus has forced the whole world to stay inside there houses which let the economy of each country affect badly. Approximately all industries have been hit by the outbreak of COVID-19 but These three industries have been hit hard by COVID-19 and we will talk about each one by one.

1. Hospitality industries

These three Industries has  been hit hard by COVID-19
Hospitality Industry during Covid-19 pandemic

The Hospitality industry is one of the biggest jobs providing industry all over the world and contributing a huge sum to the national income. It includes loading, food, and drinks service, event planning theme parks, and transportation. After the announcement of lockdown, this industry has to the shutdown which created a crisis like situation for all the workers working on this industry. Especially when we talk about India the condition seems drastic because COVID -19 forced all the workers of this industry to migrate towards their villages.  However, some political parties try to utilize this migration as their political interest which was never forgettable deed.  The hospitality industry is also looking for support from the government to establish their industry and to pay wages to their workers.

2. Tour and Travel industry

These three Industries has  been hit hard by COVID-19
Airplanes are standing at the runway during COVID-19

Tour and Travel industries include Railways, busses, car rental services, Airlines, etc. This service also includes transportation which contributes a lot to the nation's growth. As a consequence of COVID-19, this industry has to suffer a lot. during the period of lockdown, this industry was unable to pay its workers. However, when we talk about the Indian government they have tried their best to give support to this industry. This industry will have to to suffer even after the lockdown because everyone wants to avoid traveling unnecessarily.

3. Insurance industry especially the Health insurance industry

These three Industries has  been hit hard by COVID-19
Peoples using their Health insurance advantage 

Health is a sector which is at its hipe these days everybody is talking about their health and very conscious of their health but it let the
 Insurence industry to suffer. Health insurance covers the whole or part of the medical expenses and the increasing number of COVID-19 patients have put them at high risk. However, this spreading awareness about health might benefit them in the long run.


The above-described industries have been hit hard by the outbreak of COVID-19 but the question arises that what we can do to overcome this situation and the only answer is to follow the guidelines made by the respective government. Maintaining social distance, try to increase our immunity by following a healthy lifestyle, and eating healthy food.


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